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Average salary increase/ Economic expert: Rama makes empty promises

Average salary increase/ Economic expert: Rama makes empty promises

The economic developments promised by Prime Minister Rama to increase the average salary in the future on the eve of the local elections on May 14, was the topic that was discussed this Wednesday in the studio of the show "Open".

According to the economic expert Bardhi Sejdarasi, the Ministry of Finance has chosen a model for the structuring of all salaries in the country, which will also bring the increase promised by the government recently of the average salary in the administration to 900 euros.

On the other hand, the member of the National Council of the DP Dorian Teliti has stated that the salary increase to 900 euros is unaffordable for the state budget because it would bring a 35% increase in the fund for these salaries, which according to him translates into about 350 million euros.

According to him, the promise to increase salaries came because Prime Minister Rama "failed in the polls", which forced him to "make empty promises".

Excerpts from the conversation:

Sejdarasi: Is it not that it has been prepared and on the basis of which the statements on salaries were made, they are structuring salaries throughout the country. This model was chosen by the Ministry of Finance. Work has been going on for this reform for 2 years. Salaries of the administration are lower than the region. The minister said today that the government's fiscal income is an opportunity to increase public sector salaries. The number of those in the administration is about 150 thousand people. Talk about this category. According to the minister, the money is

Teliti: Where is the money, where does the money come from? Bringing the average salary to 900 euros is unaffordable for the state budget because the current salary will increase by 35%. The fund amounts to about 98 billion new ALL. To increase this fund by 35%, 350 million euros will be found.

Sejdarasi: Since 2014, the salary has increased by 40%. This happened in 9 years.

Teliti: This value is 2% of GDP. This government has been in place since 2013. In that year, it was 450 thousand old ALL. All this excellent work translates into an increase of up to 660 thousand ALL, this increase has come because of the minimum wage. The fact that today the minimum has gone from 220,000 ALL to 400,000 ALL shows fictitious growth, it does not show that there is economic growth to increase wages. The prime minister did badly in the polls and today he is forced to come out with empty promises. Public finances have something. If they are not supported by facts, they are empty. If there is no financial support, we judge it as such. Saying something and doing something are different.

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