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Roads, ARRSH tender 32 million euros for the expansion of Elbasan-Qafë Thane and Ura e Cerencit-Peshkopi

Roads, ARRSH tender 32 million euros for the expansion of Elbasan-Qafë

The Albanian Road Authority foresees interventions in two roads in the country, where the first is the expansion of Elbasan-Qafë Thane, the second phase of the segment from Ura e Cerenci to Peshkopi for systemization and asphalting.

The limit fund for both procedures is about 3.7 billion ALL, or over 32 million euros. But what are the actual specifications of each project.

Referring to the technical report, the contract for the expansion of the Elbasan - Qafë - Thane road (Phase II) foresees the intervention of almost 50 kilometers of road. The limit fund is about ALL 2.5 billion.

On the part of the Investor (ARRSH), it is requested that an intervention be made to improve the traffic conditions in the existing road segment from the exit of the city of Elbasan to Qafë Thane.

"The total length of the project is 50.12 km. This road serves not only the residents of the area between Elbasan and Korca, but also all local and foreign tourists who frequent the area of ​​Pogradec and Korca, as well as foreign and local citizens who move towards Greece and Macedonia. North.

The existing national road Elbasan - Qafë Thane, with a total width of 9 - 9.5 m (8 m wide asphalt and 0.5-0.75 wide embankment).

The existing road needs intervention in the geometric elements, road layers, in the system of sidewalks, street lighting of urban areas, the system of rain water drainage, vertical and horizontal signage" the technical report states.

Meanwhile, the second axis with a limit fund of more than 1.2 billion ALL, included in the contract with the object "Asphalting system Ura e Cereneci - Peshkopi (Peshkopi - Maqellare), Lot 3" is considered important.

"The road segment Peshkopi - Herbel is part of the national road Peshkopi - Tirana. This road is the main axis that makes possible the connection of the city of Peshkopia with Tirana and other cities of the country, as well as with a large part of the villages of Dibra.

Also, this segment is a key point of connection with North Macedonia through the Bllata Customs.

So this road is the key point of communication of Dibër District with other regions of the country.

Recently, this road is being accessed more and more by local and foreign tourists, especially during the summer to enjoy mountain tourism and the various attractions of the area.

Therefore, the study and improvement of this axis takes on a special importance and has already become necessary" it is stated in the documents of ARRSH.

The road starts at kilometer 0 in the village of Herbel in the direction of Peshkopi and ends at kilometer 8.52, where it joins the ring road of Peshkopi city.

The path of the road will partially follow the path of the existing road and in many other places there will be a completely new path, eliminating a large part of the existing turns dangerous for the safety of vehicle traffic./Monitor

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