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Albanians are 'targeted' again, the authorities in Belgium: Albanian mafia in top 3 together with Moroccans

Albanians are 'targeted' again, the authorities in Belgium: Albanian

Albanians have again been targeted by foreign media. The director of the Federal Judicial Police of Liege, François Farcy, claims that the Albanian mafia "is on an equal footing in Belgium" with the Moroccan mafia.

"Today it (Albanian mafia) is in the top 3, with the Belgian-Dutch and Moroccan organizations", affirms the commissioner of the division François Farcy, adding that; "Criminal clans are on a level playing field. They are everywhere in Belgium and the world, and in particular in Brussels and Wallonia, many in Liège. There are barons sheltered in Dubai where they pull the strings."

The declarations follow the dismantling by the Liege police of a wide cocaine and cannabis trafficking network, organized over a period of at least 4 years and involving Albanian mafia clans.

In total, 18 people were arrested, 11 of whom were placed on arrest warrants for drug trafficking and participation in a criminal organization.

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