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"There are no oligarchs in Albania", Brahaj reacts after Rama's statement: These are the cases that prove the opposite

"There are no oligarchs in Albania", Brahaj reacts after Rama's
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The leader of "Open Data" Aranita Brahaj reacted after the statement of Prime Minister Edi Rama that 'there is no oligarch who influences the government'.

Through opposes the Prime Minister citing some concrete examples. Brahaj posted on Facebook, some data, claiming the opposite of what Rama declares.

The following are some of the cases identified by the director of "Open Data":

 • We also have companies that participate in the tender where all are disqualified except the winner with a higher value than others, ARSA

• We have companies that have 100% of their annual turnover in public money and it is not a great merit that they pay VAT with public money or occasionally Tax Dividend.

• We have national taxes such as Mining Rents zeroed in the governing mandate. Even the previous government reduced them by -2 or -3% but did not bring them to zero.

• We also have Unpublished Amendment Concession Agreements, and the majority that accept investment costs of millions of euros for paving but no publication of a feasibility document, without the name of accounting studio or accounting standard for cost calculation.

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