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Subsidy scheme, Teliti: We will implement flat taxation

Subsidy scheme, Teliti: We will implement flat taxation

The advisor of economic issues in DP, Dorian Teliti, has explained some of the subsidy schemes through which the Democratic Party will help the citizens, when it comes to power.

For Syri TV, Teliti has indicated that there will be a flat tax of 10%, and not a progressive tax as the Rama government does.

"On the one hand, we will implement flat taxation, with 10%. The flat tax means that you will be taxed at 10% on both your income and work income.

While today they are taxed up to 23%, it will return to 10%.

There will be exceptions. What is called positive discrimination, those certain groups, such as freelancers, simply for the fact that they are new small and medium businesses, and they have been waiting for years and years to invest their own.

They are not grocers, neighborhood stores, that you and I can sit down tomorrow and open a business, a market.

But to become a freelancer you must have 15-20 years of career, lessons, studies for a person to be capable and be a good professional in his field.

All these years of investment, how will they be compensated? By giving them these income tax breaks.

When we talk about young couples, we should give them the opportunity to have a house. Today, getting a loan with these loan rates and prices has become something that is impossible. Today, it takes over 70 years of credit to buy a house with two rooms and a kitchen. We must have a subsidy scheme from the money of citizens who contribute ," he said.

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