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Temperatures up to 21 degrees, weather forecast

Temperatures up to 21 degrees, weather forecast

For Friday, our country will be affected by unstable atmospheric conditions as a result of the penetration of moist air masses of southwestern origin.

The weather is forecasted with moderate to dense clouds and occasional alternating clear skies. The clouds will be accompanied by low-intensity rain in a large part of the territory. In the south and northwest area, the rains will be of moderate to moderate intensity in the form of thunderstorms.

The wind will blow relatively strong in the direction from the south quadrant and southeast-southwest speed with an average speed of 5-18m/sec, causing the waves in the seas to be high, force 4-6 force.

Temperatures are forecast:

in mountainous areas 4 to 15°C

in low areas 6 to 21°C

in coastal areas 9 to 19°C.

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