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He was found dead wrapped in aluminum foil in the forest, who killed the 27-year-old Albanian in Germany?

He was found dead wrapped in aluminum foil in the forest, who killed the

Foreign media have published new details regarding the murder of the 27-year-old from Burreli, Alonso Hysneli alias Reols Hysneli, who died in November 2023.

The deceased was found dead wrapped in aluminum foil in a forest in Hamburg, Germany on November 25, 2023, after being executed with a single bullet to the head. The murder was allegedly registered due to a drug dispute while the police found the names of the suspected killers of Hysnel, Selami C. and Ferhat K. Names which were revealed after police investigations by tracing the aluminum foil they had bought.

The gruesome execution was discovered by a couple who were taking a walk in the wooded area where the thermal springs are located in the town of Kaltenkirchen, 27 kilometers from Hamburg. The couple, who saw a person lying on the ground with a large part of the body wrapped in aluminum foil, immediately notified the police. After the announcement, many police officers were dispatched to the scene. The police found that the young man, who was executed with a single bullet, was wrapped in aluminum foil after he was killed to prevent the blood from spreading around and was then transported to the area by vehicle.

As a result of the verification of the fingerprints, it was discovered that the corpse belonged to Reols Hysneli, an Albanian citizen imprisoned for drug trafficking in Lubeck in 2023. A sale sheet of aluminum paper with which Reols Hysneli was wrapped was found at the scene. Despite the control of about 100 policemen on the ground, the weapon was not found. While Hysnel's body was sent to the Morgue of Forensic Medicine for an autopsy, two days after the event, the Albanian citizen Qerim D., 17 years old, originally from Kukësi but residing in Lushnje, who did not speak German, went to the Pinneberg Police Station with his lawyer and confessed that he had killed a person.

The fact that 17-year-old Querim D. remained silent about the details of the crime and that his lawyer was the same as Ilber's lawyer, Edmond and Ernest Domit, the leaders of the "Domi Brothers" group, which manages part of the drug trade in Germany , caused the police to deepen their investigations.

The police established that the invoice for the aluminum paper seized at the scene belonged to a store that sold construction materials in Uetersen, and from the store's camera footage, they received information that Ferhat K. and Selami C. had bought aluminum paper. Based on the information they received, the police raided a closed hookah house on "Großer Sand" street, where Ferhat K. and Selami C. entered for the last time. Traces of murder were found on the upper floor of the building. While the hall was found to be covered in blood, in other rooms equipment used for the cultivation of cannabis was discovered.

The police seized 120 cannabis roots from the house. Despite all efforts, Ferhat K. and Selami C. could not be reached. It has been established that Ferhat K. and Selami C fled to Turkey immediately after the murder. Sabah found photographs of Selami C. taken in Ortaköy on April 10. It was discovered that Selami C had grown his hair long and used glasses to avoid being recognised.


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