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KLP approves the termination of Alfred Balla's mandate

KLP approves the termination of Alfred Balla's mandate

The High Prosecution Council has decided to terminate Alfred Balla's mandate,

After the Special Appeal Board decided to remove him from the justice system for 15 years, the KLP also decided today with 9 votes in favor of the end of Alfred Balla's mandate.

Only Nurihan Seiti voted against.

The meeting was accompanied by strong debates among the members. Due to tensions, the meeting that started at 11:00 was postponed for about 3 hours. 

Balla, who was not present at the meeting, with a letter addressed to the KLP, challenged the KPA's decision to exclude him from the judiciary for 15 years, saying that it is not immediate and that he was elected by the Assembly as a representative of civil society.

The Special Appeals Chamber decided on May 21 to remove Balla from the justice system for a period of 15 years, overturning a first-instance decision that ended his trial without a verdict. 

According to the decision of the KPA, Balla is prohibited from being part of the justice system for the next 15 years. His mandate as a member of the KLP has ended for several months, but he continued to remain in office until the moment when new members would be elected, from the ranks of civil society.

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