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Summer "forgets to come", June with rain and thunderstorms

Summer "forgets to come", June with rain and thunderstorms

Weather surprises have continued throughout the month of May and will likely continue.

 Anira Gjoni, spokesperson of IGJEUM, says that the month of June is expected to be wet with occasional early rains, even with some thunderstorms.

" Even for the month of June, we expect to have a wet month, not with as many rainy days as May, but they will be early and local in the form of storms or thunderstorms.

For short periods it is intense rain and it is in local areas, as you may have noticed there were days where a certain area had rain, and another area did not.

 These types of instabilities create such clouds that in some areas they can be just cloudy and in some areas they bring electrical discharges or small earthquakes." - she said to Syri TV.

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