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Vlora/ "They blackened my eye" The policemen "knocked" the young man who passed them on a bicycle into a tree

Vlora/ "They blackened my eye" The policemen "knocked" the

The show "Stop" is headed towards the "Transbalkanike" road at the entrance of the city of Vlora with the young man Marsido Alushaj. He says that on May 10, 2024, he passed a civilian car on a bicycle, but the citizens who were in it stopped him, demanding an account of why he insulted them.

Complainant: I was riding my bike for fun, while I overtook a car that I didn't even know was a police car, with no logo or anything. I passed and was walking back on my way when I heard a honking and instinctively raised my hand like all drivers, at which point they stepped on the gas and cut the road, stopped me and told me who did you curse. I have told you that I neither insulted anyone nor do I know you, who you are. "Who are we, don't you know us?" No, I don't know you. "Ok you'll find out now." They opened the door, took me in the car, beat me, raped me, cursed me from my family, from my sister, from everything.

Journalist: You were raped inside a vehicle, which was a civilian vehicle?

Reporter: Civil, yes!

Journalist: Meanwhile, the people who raped you were civilians?

Complainant: Civilians.

Journalist: Did you know them by sight?

Whistleblower: No, no. I did not know them, I had never seen them.

Reporter: Today, after five days, I see that you still have scars on your face. Are the signs of violence that day?

Whistleblower: Yes, yes.

Journalist: Where did they rape you, apart from the parts of your face?

Informant: In the head, in the arm. I had symptoms, but they have disappeared since it happened about 4-5 days ago. The only mistake in this story is that I walked in the path of cars and not bicycles.

Marsido says that he didn't even swear at anyone, but they, who turned out to be plainclothes policemen, put him in the car and raped him. According to Marsido, they were identified only after accompanying him to the Police Department in Vlora. In these premises, the policemen offered him a bottle of water to reduce the swelling in his eye. Three police officers Granit Lamaj, Kristi Pazaj and Granit Pecaj reported Marsido for insult.

Complainant: I was severely abused, from here to the police station. It is ready in about 5 minutes, with traffic 10 minutes. There they identified themselves as police officers and held me for eight hours, for escort reasons according to the police. When I arrived at the police station, those who raped me helped me there. They said, "Take this can of water and bring it to your eye so that the wound will subside, so that your eye does not swell." I filed a report with the AMP.

Journalist: What are these three names, which according to you have not been declared to be police officers?

Complainant: Granit Lamaj, Kristi Pazaj and Granit Pecaj. They have also filed a complaint for violence against them and for insulting them.

Through a hidden camera, "Stop" turns to the forensic expert to understand what caused the marks on the face of the informant, Marsido Alushaj.

Coroner - What's wrong with you, boy?

Whistleblower – No, we just wanted to ask him about something!

Forensics – Tomorrow!

Whistleblower – Thank you! If you have the opportunity to ask him on the phone!

Forensic - What are you looking for? Then no answer is given to the citizen. By secret mail to the prosecutor's office.

Since it was not possible to get any concrete answer from the forensic expert, the "Stop" show, by means of a hidden camera, went to the Police Station of Vlora to attempt a meeting with one of the employees who were part of the event on May 10.

The whistleblower's mother - I want to meet 3 police officers. Lamaj granite. Then, regarding the policemen, it is that they hit the boy and I just want to ask them the reason!

Information - Who hit you?

Whistleblower – These people!

Information – Granite?

The whistleblower – Granit Lamaj, Kristi Bazaj and Granit Pecaj!

Information – (Talking on the phone with Granit Lamajn) Listen a bit! You have a Marsido Alushaj with his mother, who are looking for you. This one is in service. It's on a service across town.

Information – It is in Lungomare, they are coming this way.

Whistleblower's mother - Many thanks!

Information - Please!

After two hours of waiting.

The whistleblower's mother - Has the Lord come?

Information – No, no it is not allowed. I clarified it with the relevant bosses and they told me to proceed with standard procedures. If there is any complaint, he said, they should continue to complain, because it is not allowed to meet the persons themselves.

"Stop" addressed an official request to the Vlora Police Directorate, where of course violence was not accepted. It is even claimed in the answer that Marsido was aggravated and the escort was made only to receive generalships, an act after which he was released./tvklan.al

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