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The murder of Klodiana Vefa by her husband, the two children talk: Debates between them were daily

The murder of Klodiana Vefa by her husband, the two children talk: Debates

New details have become known from the murder of the Albanian Klodiana Vefas, by her husband in via Galvani, in Castelfiorentino near Empoli.

The two children of the 37-year-old and 44-year-old Alfred Vefas, who also committed suicide after killing his wife, have testified to the Italian media about the constant conflicts at home due to their father's jealousy.

According to reports, it was learned that in one case after the father hit the door while arguing with the mother, the daughter told the 44-year-old that "love was not something that happened under compulsion".

The son of the Albanian couple, 17 years old, told the investigators that "discussions were almost daily between mother and father". According to him, the arguments took place after the father, Alfred Vefa, told his wife that "he did not want his wife to behave like this when you are in my house".

In the stories for children, "a very strong jealousy" of the man for Klodiana is mentioned several times.

Also, the minor daughter of the Albanian couple, while talking about the events in the family for the last two years, remembers the debates at home.

Klodiana had explained to her children, according to the confessions of the two young people, that she had stayed at Alfred's house for her two children.

"He stayed for both of us and because he had financial problems. However, she told us that she would soon buy a very big house where we would go to live with her", the two children stated.

The two children have told the investigators that they did not witness the scenes of violence by their father against their mother.

"It happened once, at the height of the argument, the father damaged the bedroom door", testified the girl.

She further revealed that she told her father that "love is not something forced, a person can love a person, but he must accept the fact that the other cannot love him or it can be like that for a long time".

After killing the woman, the 44-year-old escaped and was declared wanted by the Italian authorities.

During his escape he reached San Casciano Val di Pesa, where he killed himself with the same weapon with which he executed his ex-wife.

Alfred Vefa worked as a construction mason. With his ex-wife Klodiana, from whom he had separated some time ago, but with whom he continued to live in the same house, he had two children, a 17-year-old son and a 14-year-old daughter.





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