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The murder of the Albanian woman in Italy, the sociologist: The old masculinist mentality leads to tragedy!

The murder of the Albanian woman in Italy, the sociologist: The old masculinist

Sociologist Gëzim Tushi has spoken about the serious event that happened a few days ago in Italy, where the young Albanian woman, Klodiana Vefa, was killed by her husband.

Invited to Panorama TV, the sociologist stated that jealousy is the main cause of crimes within Albanian families.

He said that a large part of Albanian men have an old mentality for couple relations, considering the woman their property.

" Imagine he said to her, you will be mine forever. Imagine if she thought about her remarriage under those conditions. He was quite the beast. These human beasts, these cold-blooded men who consider their women private property and can do whatever they want with them, this is not only a tragedy, it also shows selfishness.

Young boys and girls have become more open, they even get consexual divorces. I think that a marriage that does not work... To close this divorce, we must emphasize that divorce is a human feeling. When the feeling of love is normal, understandable, it is a feeling that maintains the relationship, but when it takes on a character that becomes delusional, obsessive, it becomes criminal. The manifestation of jealousy is what leads women and men to criminal events. This masculinist idea, that the woman is second in the family, etc., etc., has started to shake. We live in an open society, spouses in a couple are bound by an emotional contract.

We have sons who fled the village, got married there. I think that going to a European country to take with you the suitcase of pathological doubts is unacceptable. If we follow every kind of woman we have as a lover or wife, then it means that these conflicts are exaggerated. I think that the number of crimes in the family and in marital relations is high. He committed a cold-blooded crime. He killed his wife for the reasons he knows, that he took them with him and then killed himself. And the children? What about other realities? The fact that he did this act means that he does not love his children, he has left them on the verge of adolescence", said Tushi.

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