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Terrorist attacks in the north of Kosovo, the EU reacts again: We will wait for the end of the investigations

Terrorist attacks in the north of Kosovo, the EU reacts again: We will wait for

Once all the circumstances and facts of what happened on September 24 in the village of Banjské in the north of Kosovo are proven, the member countries of the European Union will make decisions about possible measures and steps.

This is what EU spokesman Peter Stano declared on September 27, answering questions about the requests of some member states to impose punitive measures against Serbia.

"Now we have an important change in the situation, after Sunday's terrorist attacks in Kosovo. It is important for us that the investigations are developed and concluded. And when we have a clear picture from the investigations, what happened, who is behind this and who is responsible, once this is clear we will make the right decisions", said Stano.

He reiterated that the punitive measures against Kosovo - imposed in July due to non-fulfillment of demands for tensions in the north - are specific, flexible and were imposed with the agreement of the member states. Also, according to him, the measures can also be imposed on Serbia if the member states so assess.

But, Stano said that the EU will not rush to conclusions after the investigations are completed.

Stano repeated several times that the investigations are being carried out by the Kosovo authorities and that the EU Rule of Law Mission (EULEX), as the second security responder in Kosovo, is also assisting where required.

Kosovo police were attacked by a masked and armed group as law enforcement tried to remove barricades that had been set up on a road in the village of Banjské i Zveçani - one of four municipalities in the north, inhabited by a majority of Serbs.

The armed group then took refuge in the Banjska monastery, from where they clashed with the police throughout Sunday.

The police and the Minister of Internal Affairs, Xhelal Sveçla, have said that the organizer and participant of this attack was Millan Radoicic, vice president of the Serbian List - the main party of the Serbs in Kosovo, which enjoys the support of official Belgrade.

Regarding the participation of Radoicic - who is under American sanctions and wanted in Kosovo for intimidating witnesses in the court case known as Brezovica - Sweden has also published a video recorded with a drone, which it said shows the official of the Serbian List in Banjska.

Stano did not want to comment on the accusations from Pristina about the possible involvement of the vice president of the Serbian List, Millan Radoicic.

Currently, four people are arrested for the events in Banjska, as the Police exhibited on September 25 weapons and other equipment that they said were confiscated in this village.

Kosovo has made Serbia responsible for the attack, while Belgrade officially blames the Kosovo Serbs.

The United States and the European Union have strongly condemned the attack and demanded that those responsible face justice./rel

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