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Kurti for the Associated Press: Lajcak and Escobar come with demands from Belgrade

Kurti for the Associated Press: Lajcak and Escobar come with demands from

The Prime Minister of Kosovo, Albin Kurti, has stated that the position of the USA and the EU has been one-sided towards Kosovo, compared to that of the authoritarian regime in Belgrade.

In an interview given to "Associated Press", the head of the government of Kosovo said that if you treat an autocrat like Vučiči well, this does not make him change his behavior and improve, on the contrary.

"The US and EU envoys for the Kosovo-Serbia talks come to us with demands, with the demands of the other side ", he added about Miroslav Lajçak and Gabriel Escobar.

We recall that the Kosovo Serbs in the protests in the North clashed not only with the Kosovo police but also with the KFOR troops, injuring around 30 soldiers and provoking the fear of renewed bloody conflicts in the region.

After such an event, NATO said it would send 700 additional troops to northern Kosovo.

Brussels has asked Kosovo to withdraw its special police forces from northern Kosovo, where most of the ethnic Serb minority lives, and hold new elections.

Kurti insisted that special police forces could not be "reduced" until Serbian criminal gangs either left the country or were arrested. He said that there would be peace in Kosovo only if there were no "orders for violence from Belgrade".

"Western powers should not satisfy Belgrade, the root problem of violence in the Western Balkans ," Kurti said.

He complained that the international mediators did not succeed in the early April elections in the four northern municipalities with a Serbian majority.

Kurti said that they asked Kosovo to make electoral changes, but did not put pressure on the only political party of ethnic Serbs to participate in the vote.

The head of the government of Kosovo added that he would need the help of the international community to promote political pluralism in the Serbian ethnic minority " for a fair competition, for a democratic contest for new mayors".

"We cannot afford another process where Serbian candidates boycott it a few days before the start of the elections, because that's what Belgrade orders," he said.



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