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The incidents in the north of Kosovo are not over, three cars with RKS license plates are burning

The incidents in the north of Kosovo are not over, three cars with RKS license

The Kosovo police have announced that in the early hours of Friday, three cars with license plates RKS - Republic of Kosovo - which belong to residents of Serbian nationality in the north were burned.

According to the Police, one car was burnt in Zveçan and two others in North Mitrovica. Two other cars with RKS license plates, owned by local Serbs, were also burned on March 30.

"As in the first case, as in the second case, after receiving the information, the police units immediately went to the scene, engaging the competent police units, including forensic expertise, which undertook all the necessary investigative actions ", it was said in the Police statement.

Similar cases in the north were also reported at the end of last year.
There have been tensions in the north, related to the decision of the Government of Kosovo to re-register all cars with illegal Serbian license plates in the RKS.

As a sign of dissatisfaction with this decision, but also because of the arrest of a former Kosovo Serb policeman, the local Serbs erected barricades. Then, Kosovo and Serbia, under the mediation of the European Union, reached an agreement on license plates.

Kosovo has waived punitive measures, if cars are not re-registered, while Serbia has said that it will no longer issue new license plates for cars circulating in Kosovo.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kosovo has not indicated how many cars with such license plates have been re-registered in the RKS. It is estimated that in the north of Kosovo there are about 10,000 cars with license plates issued by Serbia./REL

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