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He paid for the murder of his wife, the Court of Pristina leaves Naim Murseli in prison!

He paid for the murder of his wife, the Court of Pristina leaves Naim Murseli in

The Basic Court in Pristina has set the measure of detention against Naim Murseli, Granit Pllava and Kushtrim Kokalla for the murder of Liridona Ademaj.

 "They don't know that their mother was killed", Liridona Ademi's brother tells what the children said to him after the crime!

Naim Murseli is charged with the criminal offense of "aggravated murder in complicity", Granit Plava for "aggravated murder and possession of a weapon without a permit", while Kushtrim Kokalla is accused of "agreement to commit an aggravated murder". All three have been sentenced to one month's detention.

"There is a well-founded suspicion that the defendant NM, with the intention of depriving his wife of her life in a cunning way, had agreed with the defendant GP to kill the now deceased LM, where previously the defendant NM had equipped the defendant with a weapon GP and staged the crime of Robbery, which was carried out on 29.11.2023 at around 20:25, in the village of Bernicë, Municipality of Pristina, in such a way that while the defendant NM was driving his car, in which were the deceased LM and their two children, the defendant GP suddenly appeared in front of the car with a mask on his head and a revolver in his hand, where according to the prior agreement the defendant NM and the children had gotten out of the car and left the scene could have run away, while the deceased remained in the car, whom the defendant GP had shot at close range with a bullet in the neck and as a result of the fatal wound, the deceased LM had died at the scene, while for these actions, the defendant NM had previously promised the defendant GP the sum of €30,000.00", the Court said.

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