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"Thaci can escape," Smith envisions life imprisonment

"Thaci can escape," Smith envisions life imprisonment

The Chief Prosecutor of the Hague Special Prosecution, Jack Smith, has sent a public letter to the Pre-Trial Judge, Nicola Guillou, listing his arguments as to why Hashim Thaçi should be arrested and sent to detention.

Smith says the former Kosovo president could escape after the unconfirmed indictment was made public. He estimates that such a thing would prompt Thaçi to leave.

Another claim of Smith is that Thaçi may commit other crimes and obstruct the Special Procedures. It has also predicted that the allegations confirmed by the Specialized Chambers could lead to life imprisonment for the former president.

"While certain and general data regarding the submitted and unconfirmed indictment have been published, Mr. Thaçi's incentive to flee, to obstruct proceedings and to commit further crimes will increase dramatically. "as soon as he is informed of the confirmed indictment and the details of the confirmed charges, which could lead to life imprisonment," reads the document that Jack Smith sent to the Pre-Trial Judge.

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