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Only God decides everyone's fate"/ He paid for the murder of his wife, what Naim Murseli said about the fight he had with death

Only God decides everyone's fate"/ He paid for the murder of his wife,

Naim Murseli has become one of the most talked about and hated names recently because of the suspicion that he organized the murder of his wife. Before the tragedy that shook Kosovo, everything was different. Murseli gave the impression of a happy man, with his life in the circles he preferred - politicians and VIPs. This lasted until last Friday when Murseli was arrested due to suspicions that he organized the murder of the woman in the presence of two children. In addition to the serious crime, what is being discussed is the relationship with Behgjet Pacollin.

Gazeta Express writes that Murseli's special relationship with the "richest Kosovar in the world" is openly proven in the photos that Murseli has published on his Facebook profile. "Poses" on a private plane and vacations in exotic countries of the world are what dominate Mursel's profile.

But didn't Murseli get close to Pacolli from a young age?

In a photo that he published on his profile, he showed that he had met Pacolli for the first time in 2006 in the city of Gjakova.

"My first meeting with Mr. Behgjet Pacolli. In 2006, Gjakovë", says the description that Murseli has placed on the photograph.

Murseli has built the story of his closeness with Pacolli between numerous photos in his profile. After the event that shocked Kosovo and Sweden, the businessman himself told a version of his acquaintance with Murseli.

In an article where he expressed his condolences to the family of Liridona Ademaj, Pacolli said that he had known the 33-year-old, now suspected of the macabre crime, for years, since he had approached him as a young man after an illness he had experienced.

But what was the story of Mursel's illness that was mentioned several times by Pacolli in the last few days?

Murseli wrote on his Facebook profile about the disease when he was a baby. He had shown how as a 2-year-old he had been fighting for his life in Zagreb, while after 25 years he had managed to hang out with former Croatian president Stipe Mesic and Behgjet Pacollin.

"Only God decides everyone's fate", Murseli wrote on July 14, 2020.

"Me, two years old, fighting for my life in Zagreb, Croatia 25 years later together with two Presidents, one of Croatia and the other of Kosovo, on a private trip. Only God decides the fate of everyone," the post says.

Pacolli and his people have called Murseli an imposing person who had continuously shown interest in activities on social networks. This "insistence" has paid off for Murseli as he succeeded in being appointed an advisor to Chief Diplomat Pacolli in 2017. Pacolli has also shown that he has helped him in several business initiatives since 2019.

"I have known Naim Murseli for years, starting from the moment when he was offered to me as a teenager, after an illness he had experienced. He has been part of my entourage ever since. Over the years, he has shown interest in my initiatives on social media and I had the opportunity to help in some business initiatives that he had started since 2019", wrote Pacolli a few days after the tragic incident of the murder of Liridona Demaj.

He further showed that their relationship was even stronger, since they were also godfathers of one of the couple's children.

"In addition, I have maintained a good relationship with his family. My wife and I were even godparents to their son. Liridona was friends with my family", wrote Pacolli.

He has confirmed himself that Murseli was engaged as an external advisor (pro bono) during the time he was Minister of Foreign Affairs. Immediately after the case, Pacolli's adviser, Jetlir Zyberaj, in a reply to Express, denied that Murseli was Pacolli's adviser.

"During my mandate as Minister of Foreign Affairs, I hosted political figures (MPs and mayors from Sweden), where he was part of their escort. This is how the idea was born, at his request, to nominate him as an external collaborator (advisor) (pro bono) during my mandate in the government", added Pacolli.

Pacolli said that he would never think that Naim Murseli would end up in such a terrifying act.

"I was not aware of any conflict precedent for Naim. I am inclined to believe only in the positive side of people and I would never think that it would end in such a terrifying act", the richest man in Kosovo added, among other things.

This report, in 2014, had taken Pacolli to Uddevalla in Sweden, where Murseli and his family have lived until now.

The Swedish newspaper Expressen wrote about Pacolli's stay there. It was reported that "The visit to Western Sweden comes after the municipal councilor of Uddevalla Magnus Jacobsson (KD) and Naim Murseli, candidate for deputy (KD), Albanian from Kosovo and friend of Pacolli, recently visited Kosovo. A return visit was now expected to discuss possible cooperation in technology and energy. Pacolli visited Kynningsrud and Uddevalla Energi AB on Thursday".

"There are good opportunities for investment in Kosovo. In addition, we have received two free trade zones in the country, which should be interesting for Swedish and Scandinavian companies," Behgjet Pacolli, who was visiting companies in Gothenburg, was quoted as saying.

Naim Murseli together with Kushtrim Kokalla and Granit Plava are in custody for the murder of Lirdiona Ademaj. Murseli is suspected as the organizer of the entire scenario for the murder. Granit Plava for the Prosecution is suspected of being the person who killed Liridona, while Kushtrim Kokalla is suspected of having an agreement to commit the crime of aggravated murder. They are being held in the High Security Prison in Dyz./GazetaExpress/

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