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May 14/ The Electoral College "overthrows" Alibeaj, gives "OK" to the "Together We Win" coalition

May 14/ The Electoral College "overthrows" Alibeaj, gives

The Electoral College dismissed the lawsuit filed by Enkelejd Alibeaj for not registering the Meta-Berisha coalition in the May 14 elections.

Alibeaj claimed that the Meta-Berisha coalition violated the law by using the DP symbols, initials and name and requested that the registration of this coalition, which together with the Freedom Party, PDK and PBDNJ, also contains the name of the DP, is not allowed.

With the decision given by the Electoral College, the Meta-Berisha coalition will continue the race for the May 14 local elections.

The group that made the decision consisted of Sokol Ibi, Manjola Xhaxho, Edlira Petri, Esmeralda Xhili and Alma Kolgjoka.


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