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America of our socialists: Berisha's photo, Bush's watch

America of our socialists: Berisha's photo, Bush's watch

Alfred Lela

Sali Berisha has always been prominent, among the main politicians of Albania, for energy. Such that his big step, with an opening, seemed to carry the map in pubic form from Consipoli to Vermosh. But, let's say: The doctor has had the will, but also the luck. Which has come, mainly, from the lack of energy or negative energy of opponents. The Socialists say the opposite: what luck we have! With Sali Berisha in opposition, we stay in power all our lives!

It is a conclusion reached out of fear more than based on history. He resembles the lost in the woods who sings aloud to show carelessness, while his marrow is immersed in laziness. An opponent that you are not afraid of, and whom you do not do your best to avoid and defeat, does not engage you, does not bother you.

Quite the opposite has always happened with the Doctor. Just like that already. Although it says “we do not negotiate with him; is finished; belongs to the other world; he can not win against Rama ”, deeply thinks about 101 schemes in 1001 long nights of a nightmare, how this political monster that comes from the past and does it from the future comes out once again. Note the episode of the last event. Visit Tirana of Mike Pompeo, former Secretary of State and former CIA chief. He was incognito at a meeting of the socialist parliamentary group, grafted onto Taulant's democratic comrades, outlined, for PR reasons, as a celebration of the 100th anniversary of Albanian-American relations. As other post-holiday episodes at the Cheti Hotel revealed, such as visits to the Iranian mujahedeen camp, or the published invitation of a gas company, Pompeo was a luxury passerby on the Librazhd-Drimadhë axis, of the Socialists Taulant Balla and Alket Hyseni.

But leftists are in the habit of enjoying neither celebrations nor casual glories. Prone to self-destruction, they did not rejoice in the equality in Americanism given to them by the titan from Washington but wanted to deepen the inequality with their opponent, both classical and imaginary, Sali Berisha. Who, it must be said, has met more US Secretaries of State and Presidents in his career than the entire Socialist parliamentary group put together.

Dissatisfied with Pompeo, however, probably because they were the pretext and elsewhere the purpose of the gentleman's visit, through a media outlet, showed a sharp moment of political andropause, when they decided to throw Sali Berisha with a sick imagination to the lobby of the hotel where the former Secretary was stationed, waiting to meet Pompeo. In order to raise the hyperbole, in order to sink Berisha, they fabricated the news with 'sources from Pompeo's team', according to which the security forces of the American dignitary were equipped with the photo of the former Albanian President. Medemek, if they saw him stop him from going near Pompeo.

It takes a lot to get the psychological and spiritual discomfort of some publishers in Albania, who, as when Berisha is the host, as when in the role of the host is their socialists, again the mind is working on the Doctor.

The scene of Berisha seeking to meet Pompeo is the reversal of the scene fabricated with the stolen watch of President Bush in Fushë-Krujë.  

It is fun to see them in such angst. In the imaginary where Berisha is again the man in charge.  


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