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Luli brings out the College of Presidents to steal, once again, PD

Luli brings out the College of Presidents to steal, once again, PD

Alfred Lela

The Chairman's College of the PDv (abbreviation from now on of PD of the seal) reminded me today of the College of Cardinals. Of course, not in prominence nor eminence, but in frequency, or more precisely in its absence, in what can be called rarity. For the readers who are not sure why the College of Speakers is so concerned about who they are and what they do, it is about the heads of PDv in the districts, a statutory board mechanism created by the former president of PD, L. Basha, a few years ago, to be used as a means of a political threat to party forums, such as the Presidency, etc. KK was a body that was assembled in case of need of the Chair when the balance of power slipped or when the disobedient had to be pressured. In almost the last two years, you haven't heard anything about KK, and thus you haven't even thought about them. Rightly so: unlike the College of Cardinals that elects the Pope,

The College of PDv met on June 5 (for the word meeting, let's agree that it is a euphemism, and it didn't even happen on Zoom because not everyone can use it, but also because... what is the need for the meeting when the meeting is on order ) and set (colon)

It was decided not to wait long for the election of the chairman, which was proposed by the parliamentary group, a body that usually represents the political verb and action of PDv, but that it should be done within July 15.  

The memory should serve you the summer two years ago when Lulzim Basha used the same scheme to stifle dissent, to make analysis/reflection impossible, and to mummify himself at the head of the DP: he inserted the party emerging from the April 25 defeat in choice—a parallel to what a bullet wound is covered with plaster.

So, after KK, there is LB, who does not change and behaves the same - because a person is his character - both when he is in the majority and when he is in the minority, as well as when he cooks at home and asks his wife not to throw it at him on Instagram (even though they're doing it just to put it on Instagram).

So, when you hear Luli talk about the New Republic (2), remember the jokes of the First and laugh.

At the First one, we took everything seriously, experienced it as a drama, put emotions into it, and got emotions out of it.

Now, when Luli will sweep the long serpent of the river of deceit under the rug for the second time, let us remember Heraclitus. The river is not the same because it cannot be, but the Flower is the first and the eternal one, a key that opens no lock and a lock that lies to all keys.

On the other hand, this is when the parliamentary group led by Gaz Bardhi proves that it is a political body with political fiber. If the decisions in PDv will be taken by a non-statutory body and the main political body will follow them, it is better to hand over the mandates and let any of those we have seen once walk around us under the logo embroidered by Rama 'the opposition of pro-American cloud.'


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