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The DP is waiting for the list. Will it be 'home-made' and expensive?

The DP is waiting for the list. Will it be 'home-made' and expensive?

By Alfred Lela

One thing is sure.

Whatever the list of Democratic Party political leaders in the regions and in Tirana, the debates would have boiled over. The outsiders would rise up to say that their full head, contributions to the DP and patriotism for the country should be under the shelter of that security.

Those who are out of the group of leaders, and who will probably be out of the list of deputies, do not rise up. Many whisper.

I know many of them, and there are those who still have hope; there are those who will endure with their souls between their teeth until April 26 not to go out against their house; as there are those who have simply become professionals in the exercise of submission.

The opposition in Albania are already frustrated people.

Eight years away from the central government, and two years left outside the country, makes some of them release atomic sparks of anger.

Another part does not have this problem. They wait with the patience that the fat put on them during their eight years of power allows. A small group are even luckier.

Even in the opposition, even when it seems that their words and actions go hand in hand with the government, but with the government and the oligarchs share some favors and business blessings.

This fragmented and diverse crowd makes the united opposition feel divided and embarrassed.

Political forces are conceived and exist as a union of ideas and interests. The heterogeneity of interests is made homogeneous by ideas.

The fact that ideas are not proclaimed, but whispered, that the pride that was to be raised is lowered, holding up only the ear antenna for the mayor's whistle, indicates something about the state of affairs.

Not to mention the other one. Even an idea that the chairman and the party, the Candidate Evaluation Commission, had was killed by the master.

Who, once again as in 2017, will tie his head with a towel and come out of the midnight vesicle with his personal list.

An amazing list. Which, like any home-made product, is a bit expensive.

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