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Failed protest?

Failed protest?

By Alfred Lela

The topic probably influenced. Although Berisha, since the work of the National Assembly, when he spoke to reporters appealed to a specific category of nationalist marches to the Red and Black Fans. The former prime minister complimented them, not with his eyes from the December 20 protest, because perhaps it had not yet conceived in his mind, but at least with the aim of appealing to a body that has often displayed political marks, even though the battles has been mainly on stadium stairs.

Anyway, patriotism or nationalism, call it what you will, is a cold dish, take away the case when it can be done not from the squares of Albania, but from the walls of Facebook. On social media, nationalists are a unique community. They extend the borders of Albania from the Peloponnese to the Gulf of Arta, from Skopje to the Danube. They find Albanian origin from George Washington to Napoleon Bonaparte to Robert de Niro. The roots of Albanian are also found in the name of Shakespeare, William (star-jam) and up to Belgium (waist of Gjika).

The lack of reaction in large numbers to Berisha's call is also related to the fact that the nationalism of the sofa has replaced true patriotism. Also with the theme of 'Open Balkans', which is either not understood, or when understood is seen as something that does not spoil the work, as long as it is a game with small gates and no ball can circulate without European and American permission.

The protest, on the other hand, was not a failure because it reminded people that rallies, organizing and anger are instruments that have not been forgotten in the arsenal of opposition weapons. People have betrayed the protests, as happened to some extent today, because the protests have betrayed the people. As evidenced by weeks and months of protests which have been locked 'on the table' by the opposition leadership led by Lulzim Basha.

Tomorrow's protests will swell, especially if Berisha undertakes a Foltore 2 in cities outside the capital, projecting from them a large rally in Tirana. In this second phase, Berisha must prove that the majority is hindered and the opposition is instrumentalized. When the protests are about governance, Rama, corruption, but also the annexation of the PD headquarters, both the register and the participation will change.

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