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Two words about the anonymous people behind the first-person articles

Two words about the anonymous people behind the first-person articles

By Akil Pano

My participation and speech among some intellectuals, at the table invited by Dr. Berisha on the topic of the family seems to have worried some left-wing media in Albania.

I don't understand the reason for the 'concern', as "The Family at Risk" should concern us enough to come together and not be divided, to speak up and not be silent, to engage and not to be indifferent

I understand the reason for the 'concern', since "The Family at Risk," as a discussion table and proposals was organized by Dr. Berisha and the Democratic Party. This is the theme of life, which brings together big and small, left and right. If you have not followed the conversation and the proposals of this table, I invite you to do so.

I love Dr. Berisha. Maybe you should love him too, because if in this life you love no one but yourself and your close family circle, this does not constitute any merit or value that distinguishes you from others.

This is exactly what Jesus of Nazareth said:

"But if you love those who love you, what merit will you have from this?" Because even sinners love those who love them." Luke 6:32

I also love communists, socialists, globalists, etc.; but I don't want their ideology. Ideology that has killed more people in the last century than any war of man or nature in any other century.
I have a problem with 'anonymous' and those who hide behind pseudonyms in their articles, as they act as if they are someone else;
as they are entities without a face, without character, without an address, without responsibility, without morals. Beings with two or more names, identities, functions, who today are in the service of power, tomorrow they will rush to offer their skills in search of the next boss.

Typical communist method. They remind me of the sterotype of 'spies' who in communism did not live through honest work, but had turned espionage, mudslinging, intrigues, behind the scenes, hypocrisy, anonymity, lightning sheets, etc. into a way of life.

I can't help but love them, not because of the anti-values ​​that characterize them, but because these entities are anonymous-unreal. A world of ghosts that I reject and think about.

I have built my life on values ​​that not everyone understands, believes, or practices. This foundation of faith pushes me to walk the narrow path of love. God's love compels me and motivates me to love all people.

There is so much hate in this country. Hatred by all, for all. Hate with ethnic, regional, racial, social, clan content. The latter is increasing. Which political camp does he belong to? Who is the leader you follow?
But there is also hatred within the species. The most refined of the subdivisions of hatred, disguised with smiles, gifts, compliments.

Hatred of political leaders.

Hatred of the leader, whoever he is, with the attitude 'Why him!? What else does he have?'

Hatred for the hump, with the attitude; 'Why does he have and I don't!?'

Hatred from all, directed at all. We live in a country poisoned by hate.

But the problem is that hate is not enough. The individual and collective hatred of the family, clan, political, social, ethnic group and hatred of any kind or form is not enough to build the state and heal the suffering Albanian family.

Martin Luther King, in his efforts to embolden the community he led in the battle for freedom, revealed to them a higher path than the violence that had until then been considered the only way to gain these rights. He presented love as the platform of freedom and peaceful resistance as the efficient means of gaining denied rights.

"I have decided to stay connected to love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.”

My answer is love.
A little more love for the man, the leader, the family and the country. Love for Albania that languishes. The love I write about goes hand in hand with truth, integrity, justice and compassion. It is the only cure that heals and builds the family and the state.
Progressive friends (as you like to be called) let me remind you what I am inclined to think that you know, there is no greater progress in a society than the well-being and progress of the family.
If you do not join us to heal and prosper the family in Albania, for reasons that you may know, at least do not hinder the holy cause for the family!

The family issue for us is not a game for power. If we saw it like this, I and those who believe like me, would be caught in the mediocrity of a life of powerlessness, without faith, without ideals.

The family issue is the battle for life and the nation.

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