How has law-making degraded in the Parliament of Albania

How has law-making degraded in the Parliament of Albania

by Artan Fuga

Because I am interested in some legal changes, which I found out that two or three deputies want to do, worsening an institution even worse (but I will have time to express myself about this), with my eyes closed, I had to look at the website of the Parliament of Albania!

I opened my eyes in surprise. Only for the January - February period, what can I see? Oh God! Eighty issues for normative and other reviews. They will also go to the plenary session to be voted on after passing through the committees.

Wow, almost 75 percent of them were new draft laws or amendments to laws already in force. As far as I can remember, about fifty percent of them, over forty, were legal changes to the laws that came into force during these two mandates of this government and the current mandate!

How is it possible that in one month, 25 working days, or more or less, two or three laws or legal changes are passed per day? When do these MPs study the laws? Of course, except for periods when they fight, get kicked out, or play chess on work computers during official hours!

Making a law is not just reading its articles like a novel. It must be prepared; the context must be studied, and the whole issue must be well and deeply consulted.

The law does not pass without debates, discussions, corrections, additions, etc.

And passing three laws a day, then the laws do not stand the test of time. Some fifty laws are changed this month, before ten years have passed since their entry into force, and issued by the same parliamentary majority!!!

Ore, doesn't someone have a job and therefore shake the door? Are there any MPs who take initiatives for change because they are corrupt???

I do not generalize, but for some, I have doubts that I have been testing and verifying for a long time!

Make laws yourself, change laws yourself, as the wind blows, as the weather brings, as it suits this or that interest group, this or that oligarch or feudal lord of the institution, or friends and associates!!!

This is a mockery of the legislative process!

How can some fifty or sixty laws be passed in a month? How can the laws be changed like this if they were harem women?

This happens because, as it seems, the legal process in the Assembly does not fail to be done even simply as a registration of requests coming from the executive or interest groups related to power! This is because the deputies do not move their minds as much, and they should consult their electorate for every law or legal change. This is because maybe some of them have the mentality: Hanging, who is killing the mind, the business of laws, man! Salary is important!

Meanwhile, the majority marches with the slogan "united fist around the party"! He passes quickly because he doesn't think he can add personal nuances as long as the bill comes down from above!

Upupupu, far be it!

And then the laws passed quickly so that no member of the majority who does not vote for them dares!!!

The objective opinion of the interest groups is not taken. Enough patronages, activists, and arrivals! It is not even a question of passing the draft laws to technical experts!

And the funniest thing is, there is a member of Parliament, a clown, who for the same law that five years ago was an indomitable partisan to present as the absolute pinnacle of law, a few years later, the same one, becomes the initiator to change the law that himself has posted before! This guy is the "shoe brush" MP!

It seems to me that this situation not only lowers the credibility of the deputy, of course, the lousy deputy, that there is no forest without pigs - say the people - but also damages the honor of the deputies who have morals and personality, at the same time it harms us as citizens, because laws are made, step on and go, what does the fact that they change as if they were old shirts or boaters show!

Do they have an idea of ​​the law or not?

The deputy who starts to make or change law has little knowledge of that field or makes laws for satellites when he has only dealt with the treatment of beehives for bear honey!

And above all, how is it possible that public television shows the MPs allegedly fighting over politics and does not show us the legislative process when it is known that the Parliament has this priority task? To make laws!

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