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Cindy Marina talks about the relationship with Genari

Cindy Marina talks about the relationship with Genari

The performance with her partner Genar Topalli in "Dance Albania" is one of the most beautiful moments for Cindy Marina.

Invited to "Rudina" today, the charming moderator commented that night as one of the most beautiful moments, which is made special by two characteristics of her partner.

"It was a really nice moment. Besides the fact that he doesn't appear on screen, he doesn't really dance so it was a really nice moment and he really enjoyed it, so it was nice."

Focusing further on the relationship he has with his partner, the model showed communication between them and approval of decisions. Cindy said that Genari is a great supporter of hers and always pushes her towards new things. The only time the couple has 'problems' between them is clothing or posts, where the boys often have a 'classic' response.

"I always ask him about any kind of big decision, but also about small things, for example about clothes and he says "I don't understand, I don't know why you ask me. But I like to get a word or an opinion because I value his opinion a lot and we definitely discuss big decisions together and the opinion and advice he gives me are very important to me, so I have never had, he is very supportive, he is the first to say try and I always have his back as a supporter so I'm very lucky and I thank him very much."

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