"I have long tolerated," Stines' wife speaks harshly of the singer's sister

"I have long tolerated," Stines' wife speaks harshly of the

A few days ago, Stine and his sister, Alida, who also deals with music, were invited to the Soiree program, in an interview as "brother and sister". During the interview, the moderator of the show, Jonida Shehu, the moderator, asks:

"Whose side does Stine take if there is a situation between you and his wife?"

Alida gave a quick response as she said: “He has kept my side so far. I know that. "

Then, after a short pause, comes a "ah lying a little" jokingly, said by Jonida.

This moment of the video was posted on Instastory by Grazia, Stine's wife, who writes:

"I do not really know what to say. You have mistakes towards me and still you can not live without expressing yourself badly even in public, but you are seriously mistaken! You have always tended to lower me, as a woman and as a bride in every form. "You just showed up and lowered yourself."

In addition, Grazia has posted moments and situations from Alida's previous interviews, where no great kindness is felt towards her for "brother's wife". In a 2016 interview in the Free Zone, entitled "Alida, Stine's sister", part of the conversation, posted again on Instagram by Grazia, reads as follows:

"Yes, they looked like lovers even though they were separated. Great surprise ", says Arjan Çani referring to the time when Roza Lati and Stine were part of the program" Dance With Me ". To this, Alida responds with “Yes normal. "They have a lot from each other, they have been together for 4 years." Arjani continues to ask "who is Stine with now" and his sister says: "Yes, he is related, he introduced me". The conversation continues: What does it look like? - Good. What? - Yes. * heard in a low voice *; Good. Isn’t that what you would like or not? - "No comment", Alida answers.

"I have long tolerated," Stines' wife speaks harshly of the

Attached to the video, Grazia writes:

 “09.09.2016. I was 7 months pregnant with Estian. I lived with Stine, only we were not legally married and that's how beautiful it is! ” There is still: In another Free Zone interview, two years later, Alida is asked again about Stine's private life. She says he has a daughter and does not give a correct answer for the partner: She says 'they are not separated', 'they are not together' and 'they are not married yet' "

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