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Olta Gixhari's sister has a message for the actress, her friends and the public

Olta Gixhari's sister has a message for the actress, her friends and the

There have been hints on social media that Olta Gixhari and her sister Gerta do not have a good relationship.

But Gerta's latest reaction shows otherwise. Through a long reaction, she sent a message to Olta, one of her friends and one to the public.

About Olta, he writes that he has made some mistakes but they are not irreparable and that he wants to see more of her inner world. For Olta's friends, Gerta has requested that they show more support and show the "good sides" of Olta. For the public, Gerta requests some kind of awareness regarding negative comments.

"For Olta,

I would like to have you in front of me and talk to you like the big sister of the little one. It often happens that the older sister is protective of the younger one, and this is the case for me to say two words. If only people knew you like I know you... You have made some mistakes, but these mistakes are not irreparable. I would really like to see your inner world more often. Don't be afraid to show your feelings, you are more beautiful and stronger when you laugh, play, cry. I know how much love you have inside you: show it, show the real Olta, you still have time. You took the role of the antagonist, but now it's time to turn into the protagonist. "A true friend is one who comes when others leave.

For friends,

Like me, Olta has a lot of friends abroad. I would like each of them to tell a part of the truth, outside that house, how they know him, how satisfied they are with him and how much joy Olta has brought into their lives. This is the time.

For the public,

Are you saying that the fact that you have this hatred inside you makes us better people than Olta? Do you think it makes us better people to watch a mother cry and the next joke is: What about the actor? Do you say it makes us better people the fact that beyond any injustice that is done to us in silence and in front of a man we are able to say any word? We have to reflect, this improves us"

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