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"O filth", Erjola Doçi "explodes" at Erik Lloshi

"O filth", Erjola Doçi "explodes" at Erik Lloshi

Erik Lloshi was invited to the show "Se luan as topi", where he talked more about his personal and professional life.

As the moderators of the show were asking the singer questions, at one point the production threw a toy snake from above at the singer's feet, but he was not afraid, saying: "I am not afraid of anything".

Laughing and to take "revenge", Erik threw the snake at the moderator, Erjola Doçi, who, frightened, angrily attacked the artist, calling it filth.

"I forget it's a toy, you filth. No, don't throw it at me because I forget it's a joke. Take this part out a bit and we'll continue right away. I don't love this game anymore because otherwise I don't do this show anymore. I forget it's a toy, man, look at the sweat," she said.

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