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The three BBV finalists according to Arbër Hajdar

The three BBV finalists according to Arbër Hajdar

Arbër Hajdari, the "Big Brother VIP" commentator, was invited to "Wake Up" this morning. He discussed the game of the residents and not only. He has also shown the three names of residents who can go to the final according to him.

What do you think of those who are gaining fame by exploiting Luiz?

"The real supporters of Luiz are people who see him as a joke and have no vested interests. Most of them fall into this category. For me, the best model of Luiz's supporters outside is Tani. Because he does not try to exploit the audience of To Luiz, even when Luiz has been wrong inside the house he has remained silent. As for the rest of the people, their fame will be like a balloon. Because it is a fame that is not yours."

Who could be the finalists?

"I think it's Luizi, Olta and the third one is Qetsori.  I mentioned those who want to win "Big Brother". Kiara entered to find love. She started playing for a week, got information and saw "Big Love" comments that 99% are for Luizi and when Kiara has any comments, Luizi is also there."

Have you received negative comments from followers or threats?

"I wouldn't call them threats because they are virtual. I haven't had any and some I've seen have not been disturbing to me. While positive comments and those who want to argue, I argue on Instagram but with those who kill the brain to think. "

We have also seen many bad models broadcast on the show, people who bully or who do anything for the sake of the game. How do you try to combat these anti-values?

"This is one of the reasons I participated in "Big Brother VIP". I participated to challenge these models. I have nothing personal with the residents. Society has the opportunity to look at other models within the game. I have challenged what I have thought of as part of the anti-values. I would single out Kristi, not for anything extraordinary but for something normal, comparing her with the other residents who, within the framework of the game, have come out of themselves."

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