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The killer followed him from the restaurant, new details about Liridona's murder are revealed

The killer followed him from the restaurant, new details about Liridona's

The media in Pristina have revealed new details about the murder of Liridona Ademaj on the night of Wednesday, November 28 in Pristina. Naim Murseli's sincere invitation to his wife, Liridona Ademajn, to have dinner together last Wednesday night, was the last for the mother of two children.

It is suspected that Naim Murseli, in cooperation with Liridona Kokalla and Granit Plavë, organized the murder of Liridona Ademaj for nefarious purposes. Naimi together with Liridona and the two children were having dinner in a restaurant in Graçanica.

As the Indeksonline portal writes today, Granit Plava was seen in the courtyard of the restaurant checking the situation before the crime. Just before Naim Murseli and Liridona Ademaj had their last dinner, Granit Plava and Liridon Kokalla are suspected to have made their way in advance to the tragic place where the murder of Liridona Ademaj was planned.

The portal Indeksonline writes that on the way they changed the car in which they left the restaurant in Graçanica. It is suspected that Liridona Ademaj was killed with a bullet in the neck in a hidden area in the village of Sinidoll in Pristina, where a macabre murder was organized.

In the last hearing, Naim Murseli stated that he did not run away from the scene, he was even in danger, thus denying his involvement in the murder of his wife, a statement that is contradictory, compared to the first one where he said that he ordered killing his wife.

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