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The 'rival' of Milo Djukanovic in the presidential elections, is protected by the police

The 'rival' of Milo Djukanovic in the presidential elections, is

The presidential candidate of the Europe Now Movement (PES) Jakov Milatovic will be followed by strict police security, which his party has requested out of fear that he will be physically threatened.

The Government will decide on this today or tomorrow, reports Vijesta .

This decision by Dritan Abazovic's cabinet, as in several other cases, will be temporary until the National Security Agency (ANB) and the Police Directorate determine whether Millatovic is in danger.

According to the law, the security assessment is done by ANB at the request of the police. The Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) has confirmed for "Vijesta" that they have accepted such a request.

"The Ministry of Internal Affairs - Police Directorate has received a request from the Europe Now Movement, signed by the vice-president Olivera Injac, for the preparation of a security assessment for the threat level of Mr. Jakov Milatovic. The procedure for this request is ongoing", says the response of the Ministry of Interior.

In the March 19 presidential election, Milatovic won 28.92 percent of the vote and advanced to the second round. His opponent will be the current head of state Milo Djukanovic (DPS), who was supported by 35.37 percent of voters.

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