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Serbia announces recognition of Kosovo's independence from Greece

Serbia announces recognition of Kosovo's independence from Greece

The coordinator of the EU National Convention for Chapter 35 in Serbia, Dragisha Mijačić, says that the five EU member states that did not recognize Kosovo will take a decision in accordance with their interests and in accordance with their state policy and added that it is possible to achieve one or two recognitions.

Mijačić stressed that it would not be surprising if Greece recognizes Kosovo in the future, given the good diplomatic relations with the Kosovar side, and added that Slovakia and Romania are still in balance, writes Tanjug.

He believes that Spain and Cyprus will not recognize Kosovo at this moment, but they will not hinder Kosovo's membership in international organizations either.

"The association has no territorial character. It is about 10 municipalities, four are concentrated in the north, six are in the south, and the basic idea in 2013 and 2015 is that these municipalities can jointly carry out some of the responsibilities, act together in some fields, education, health. There are also various models that include some kind of territorial autonomy for the north and some kind of cultural autonomy for all areas where Serbs live, but these modalities have not yet been negotiated. When Kurti declares what he said yesterday in the parliament, it means that from a stubborn position he does not want to accept the formation of the Association, now he does not want to form any territorial integrity of the municipalities in the north of Kosovo", he said.



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