KLA Leader Called for Interview over War Crimes

The former commander of headquarters of the Kosovo Liberation Army (UCK) and later Prime Minister and Defense Minister Agim Ceku was called to show up at the Special Prosecution in The Hague under suspicion that he took part in war crimes in Kosovo.

Ceku confirmed that he received an invitation as a suspect to come to The Hague on September 28.

According to information from the Association of Veterans of Former UCK, so far approximately 250 of their members were invited to the Special Court as suspects or witnesses.

Ceku finished the Military Academy of the former Yugoslav People’s Army (JNA) in Belgrade and after the start of the war in former Yugoslavia, he joined Croatian army, where he took part in operations of persecution of the Serbian population from this country called Storm and Medacki Dzep.

After the start of the NATO bombing of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, he was put on the position of commander of the headquarters of UCK.