Vucic: the US Insist on Urgent Lifting of Tariffs and Talks Resumption

Serbian President AleksandarVucic declared on Thursday in Munich that Americans very often and very firmly insist on an urgent lifting of tariffs introduced by Kosovo on goods from Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, and also on the resumption of negotiations between Belgrade and Pristina.

After meeting with Special US Envoy for negotiations between Belgrade and Pristina Richard Grenell, he said he is grateful to Grenell, to state secretary Mike Pompeo, and also to US President Donald Trump, “because the later is the one who is behind this politics”.

Vucic said that Belgrade will continue to be exposed to some kind of similar pressure from the US administration (without specifying what he expects this pressure might refer to) and repeated that there are no easy negotiations for Serbia, regardless of the topic.

Asked whether it could be expected for representatives of Belgrade and Pristina to soon sit around the negotiating table, Vucic said this depends only on lifting tariffs.

“The day the tariffs are lifted, we will be prepared to sit around the table, regardless of the election campaign”, Vucic said, obviously very certain in the election result.

He also said that the Serbian delegation insisted on four freedoms during the meeting with Grenell: movement of people, circulation of goods, services and capital, but that it remains to be seen how in what way and in how many phases the talks will evolve.