American Official in Charge of Implementation of Sanctions against Russia arrives in Belgrade

Serbian Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic confirmed on Thursday that the US State Department director in charge of the implementation of sanctions against Russia and the states breaching these sanctions Thomas Zarzecki would arrive in Belgrade.

Dacic thus confirmed the writings of pro-government media about Zarzecki’s arrival, but they claimed that he would arrive in Serbia on Friday in order to threaten Serbia over the acquisition of the Russian military equipment and military cooperation with this country.

Serbian Minister said that Zarzecki wished to get more information about the situation and he would have meetings at Foreign Ministry, Defense Ministry, and Finance Ministry.

He also stated that Zarzecki already visited “approximately sixty” countries with the same goal and added that Serbia did not breach the sanctions the USA introduced to the acquisition of weapons from Russia and that there were no reasons for the introduction of sanctions.

According to the media, the USA got interested in Serbia after the military maneuvers of Serbia and Russia called Slavic Shield 2019 last October where rocket systems S-400 and Pantsir S-1 were also included, but also information that Belgrade acquired Pantsir S-1 rocket system and a number of helicopters from Russia.