Criminal Charges against Vucic over Racak Massacre, He Claims that He is Happy Because of that Process

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic said on Saturday that he was happy because of criminal charges against him over his statement about the massacre in the village of Racak on January 15, 1999, news agencies reported.

Vucic reiterated that the massacre in Racak was a forgery conceived to justify “aggression” on Serbia.

“I am happy because they have now opened a topic about which I will speak at any location and they can denounce me as much as they want every day. Let us see why you have reached conclusions in such a way and why you have had to find a cause for a heavy crime and aggression against Serbia as NATO aggression has been”, Vucic said.

Pristina attorney Tom Gashi, on behalf of the families of victims in Racak, filed criminal charges against Vucic for the crime of “supporting national, racial, religious or ethnic hatred, disassociation and intolerance”, in accordance with Article 147 of Kosovo Criminal Code.

The charges followed Vucic’s statement on December 5 when he called the events in the village of Racak fabricated.

In the clash between Serbian police and members of the Kosovo Liberation Army (UCK) in the village of Racak, in mid-January 1999, more than 40 Albanians lost their lives. After police withdrew, Albanians attempted to show their victims as civilians, which was officially also accepted by OSCE Verification Mission.

After the finished autopsy, done by the international team of pathologists, it was determined that these were not civilians, but it was too late, NATO already, partly because of this case, started bombing the former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY).

Former Kosovo Minister of Administration and Local Self-Government from the ranks of Serbian Ticket Ivan Todosijevic was sentenced last week on two years of imprisonment over his statement in which he called the massacre in Racak “a false crime”. While defending Todosijevic, Vucic called the former head of OSCE Verification Mission William Walker a fraud, conman and a thief.