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Alibeaj gathers himself, Berisha: He has only the right that Rama gives him. Immigrant vote warning

Alibeaj gathers himself, Berisha: He has only the right that Rama gives him.

The chairman of the Democratic Party, Sali Berisha, gave a statement to the journalists from the blue headquarters, while the deputy Enkelejd Alibeaj gathered his people to discuss the new president.

Berisha said that Alibeaj has no tag, calling him the man of Edi Rama. He also reiterated that the process is a farce.

"Apart from the authorities given to him by Edi Rama, Alibeaj has no authority and tag from the Democratic Party of Albania. "Every action of his is a tuning of a slanderous farce of the election of the President by Edi Rama", said Berisha.

Berisha also stopped at the votes of the emigrants, warning the Prime Minister Edi Rama not to play with their right. He said there would be resistance if this right was not exercised properly.

"I want to condemn with the greatest severity the greatest view of considering the diaspora as a special electoral zone. I warn him not to play with the rights of millions of Albanians who are in the four corners of the world.

They will exercise their right to vote for candidates of their cities or areas of origin, Today online technology makes it 100% possible. Every effort of Rama that expressed through his tool Alibeja is an anti-democratic and anti-Albanian effort. It is a great insult to immigrants and the diaspora on all four sides. "This will meet with great resistance," added the leader of the Democrats.


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