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The violence of Basha's supporters on journalists and MPs, Berisha: Screenplay by Edi Rama

The violence of Basha's supporters on journalists and MPs, Berisha:


Chief Democrat Sali Berisha has reacted to the tense situation created after the Presidency meeting, where supporters of Lulzim Basha insulted democratic deputies and journalists.

Berisha said that everything was scripted by Edi Rama, calling them violent and shameful acts.

The chief democrat condemned the gangsters who threatened the journalists

Berisha: Before I close, I condemn with the greatest force, the gangsters who threatened the journalists, who attended a meeting all night, where there were deputies.

Instead of being thanked for their sacrifice, the journalists have faced insults, threats of rioting, for the sole fault that they were doing their duty with real sacrifices.

I am not the one to suggest to them which news they should follow or not, but under no circumstances could they be insulted or threatened.

Those who think that they will close the problems by insulting and threatening journalists, are gangsters, they are street people, they have nothing in common with civilized individuals.

Likewise, I condemn the insults and threats that have been made to the members of the Assembly, these are acts of a political violence, shameful that originates from Edi Rama's scenarios.


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