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"Rama has created a concentration camp", Noka: PD will give strength and voice to Albanians who reject this regime

"Rama has created a concentration camp", Noka: PD will give strength

The General Secretary of the DP, Flamur Noka, declares that the National Assembly of the DP was held today in difficult days for the country.

During his speech, Noka said that although Rama has created a modern gulag, a mega concentration camp for the country, the opposition has decided to fight to the end.

Noka : We come to this assembly in difficult days for the country.

Today there is no longer any discussion, no doubt about the identification of the evil that has gripped Albania.

In this conclusion now is every sane mind, and everyone else who does not benefit from the autocratic and corrupt system of Edi Rama.

It is visible, tangible, and indisputable, that the face of governance, today, is an affair, it is theft, it is baseness.

The face of the government today is organized crime. Edi Rama is second to none in this respect. He is unique in the world for the fact that he showed the whole world how bandits become strategic investors.

When it comes to justice, the face of the regime is the SKAPI of the Party that is used for the Stalinist inquisition against the opposition and that turns a blind eye to the thefts of the Century, the Incinerator, the criminal concessions, or the mega theft in the Port of Durres, because Rama, Veliaj, Agaci are hiding behind them. .

The face of the regime, of Edi Rama, is also the MCGONIGAL affair, as Rama's envious plan for the annihilation of the political opponent.

See parliament. He treats it as an appendix to the prime minister's office, where he should be placed according to his mood. He treats birth like a puppet with a remote control, the Constitution like a life. ..

There is nothing more for an authoritarian system to do. Edi Rama has created a modern gulag, a mega concentration camp.

So for this country we have chosen to face. And we will fight to the end.

There are no half measures, there is no hope that Edi Rama can be corrected, or that one day he can become a citizen of a democratic and parliamentary republic, where there are free elections and where justice works. There are no more illusions that this enemy of democracy and Albania will wake up tomorrow as a normal person.

Edi Rama is this, and every day more corrupt, more oppressive. He is Maljinj, he is the evil that has taken the country's way, it has suffocated Albania.

So my friends, we have chosen to face each other. And we will fight to the end.

Therefore, anyone who thinks does something other than the confrontation, serves Edi Rama.

Unfortunately, even he, she, who remains silent, who does not show revolt, who does not announce disagreement, unwittingly serves Edi Rama again.

A large part have fled, they have left. There are also those who have lost faith and surrendered, because the regime is violent and has 1,000 instruments in hand.

Yes, we democrats are here, we are standing, we will never stop fighting until we undo the regime, until we eliminate evil, until we bring Edi Rama to his knees.

We are the front of freedom and resistance and despite all the efforts of the most corrupt man in Europe, to weaken us, by throwing justice around our necks, by taking the stamp, by our formal mutilation, it did not succeed and it will not succeed. stop us.

We will give strength and voice to the Albanians who in the majority do not want this regime. We are giving them a safe haven for values ​​and principles, for the aspiration they have to see Albania democratic and European again.

It is clear that the more the pressure and arbitrariness of the government increases, the more our work and our struggle will increase.

So dear friends,

not a day, not an hour off. Our resistance and fight against the axis of evil gives us the indisputable moral superiority, and gives us the strength to be among every honest Albanian, in every neighborhood, village and city.

And we must not rest for a moment. There is no fatigue when you have the right cause until we succeed.

Wherever there is a heart for oneself, wherever a citizen is convinced of our just battle, in every corner of the country, there we have weakened this criminal system, there the regime has been hit, there the evil has been hit, there Edi Rama has been shaken, and Albania won there. We don't stop. We will win.


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