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Rama bluffs with the 'discovery' of oil and gas, he 'sold' it as big news three years ago

Rama bluffs with the 'discovery' of oil and gas, he 'sold'

The Prime Minister of Albania, Edi Rama, has stated today that the international company SHELL is making a very large gas and oil discovery in the Albanian underground, which according to him will not only change the future of Albania but also affect Europe.

During a visit to the Netherlands, Rama said that Shell, known as one of the largest global oil companies, which is exploring the potential sources of these natural resources along the Albanian coast, has made "a very important discovery" in Albania.

" We hope that soon we will share with public opinion a very important discovery that Shell is making in our country. Like any good Dutchman, they are reluctant to talk about figures at the moment, but the signs show that we may be at the stage of an important discovery of gas and oil that will affect the future of Albania but will play a role in the energy future of Europe . Rama said today.

Although, Rama "sells it today as an important discovery", almost the same statement was made by the Prime Minister himself three years ago.  

Through a post on Twitter, Rama wrote that encouraging data spoke of a large gas and oil reserve in Shpirag and that if the test was successful, Rama wrote, the impact on the economy would be considerable.

"A very encouraging news from the meeting with the SHELL company. A few weeks separate us from the proof of the truth of Shpirag, where all data speak of a large gas and oil reserve. If the test is successful, the impact on the economy will be considerable starting from 2020", Rama wrote at the time.

Rama bluffs with the 'discovery' of oil and gas, he 'sold'

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