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He raped his wife for two years after she gave birth to a daughter, the 28-year-old Albanian speaks from his cell

He raped his wife for two years after she gave birth to a daughter, the

Aurel Kurti, the 28-year-old who raped his wife for two years, spoke from prison to the Greek television " Star ", telling his side of the story.

" It is a lie that I imprisoned him. The last few days she made me… kind of because she wanted us to leave and go to England where her cousins ​​were. If he wanted a divorce, he could tell me.

I came to Greece because I wanted a different life. I had told her many times to go out and she didn't want to because she said we can't. I worked from morning to night and my house was always full for her and the baby. We argued because he wanted to leave, " said the 28-year-old.

Referring to his 2-year-old child, he said: " I only care about my child. This is my life, that's why I worked so many hours, so that I don't miss anything ".

The neighbor, who went home when she heard the 22-year-old's screams, also spoke about the incident and notified the police. She stated that she was attacked by the 28-year-old.

" We had never seen the girl and the child. We heard screams and said he was killing her. I went home, knocked on the door and started shouting for it to be opened.

He came out of the door and started pushing me, " said the woman and added, " I saw the girl and the baby under the bed crying. Fortunately, the police came at that time, " she said. This event has also caused conflict among the Krushks in Albania.

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