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Gjinushi doesn't call the merger of Albanology a "hoax": We asked for the union

Gjinushi doesn't call the merger of Albanology a "hoax": We asked

Skënder Gjinushi, the president of the Academy of Sciences, said in a media conference that it was the Academy of Sciences that requested the union with Albanology.

According to him, ASA is neither being punished nor exiled, but a merger between the two academies was made.

"We asked to join. This is the only solution and we asked for this without considering whether ASA has legal status or not and ASA is not being punished or exiled. According to you, we are doing well with the government, but forget one thing, no Academy has decided to develop science with the money of academics, but with the money of the state. When the government was convinced that the Academy was being reformed, it began to support it ," he said.

As for whether or not it is a move by the government to close ASA, Gjinushi denied calling it such, saying that in fact, according to him, ASA is leaving politics.

" So ASA is removed from the Ministry, today it is under the Ministry of Education and brought to the Academy. And you call this a political point. That is your right, but it actually leaves politics and comes from academia. So it's the opposite of what happened in 2008, so not only did the institutes leave the academy of sciences, but they didn't bring it to the university, as the law requires" , said Gjinushi.

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