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The agreement on refugees, the President of the Conference of Italian Bishops reacts: It is an admission of incompetence

The agreement on refugees, the President of the Conference of Italian Bishops

The agreement that the Italian government signed with Tirana this week on the establishment of migrant centers in Albania is an admission of the impossibility of receiving them, the President of the Conference of Italian Bishops and the Archbishop of Bologna, Cardinal Matteo Zuppi, said on Wednesday.

"I have read about it, we have to wait and see, in itself it is an admission of incompetence because it is not understandable why the reception should not be better organized, of that there can be no doubt," Zuppi said on the sidelines of the presentation of a report from the Migrant Foundation, writes ANSA

 "It seems that there are discussions even within the majority, what is certainly important is to have a reception system that provides security for everyone, both for those who are welcomed and for those who receive", he added .

According to the agreement that Meloni signed on Monday in Rome with the Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama, the immigrants rescued at sea by the Italian authorities would be sent to Albania.

Nor will it apply to migrants picked up by NGO-led search and rescue vessels, those who land in Italy or to minors, pregnant women and vulnerable people.

In the northwestern Albanian port of Shengjin, the agreement says, Italy will handle disembarkation and identification procedures and create a reception and first control center.

In Gjadër, also in northwest Albania, it will set up another center for asylum seekers from so-called safe countries of origin along the lines of the center in the Sicilian port of Pozzallo, where people are held for the time needed to carry out expedited determination procedures. asylum.

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