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Civic Attitude against the 'melting' of the Albanological Academy: Scientific research is at risk

Civic Attitude against the 'melting' of the Albanological Academy:

The Civic Center protested today against the government's plan to merge the Academy of Albanological Studies and merge it with the Academy of Sciences.

Migen Qiraxhi said that the institution enjoys autonomy, as he said that it is not about a war between scientists, but a war between institutions.

"We must stand in solidarity with these academics. If we do not stand in solidarity, the dictates of VKM will affect every part of our lives. This institution enjoys autonomy, there is no reason why it should not be questioned. There is no reason, when a year ago the minister declared that it is an excellent institution and after a year to accept such a draft. "Citizens should not see it as a war between scientists, it is a war for independent institutions, for transparency, accountability ," he said.

The Civic Attitude emphasized that the government's plan puts scientific research at risk.

"The next madness happened. Just as it has taken action and issued VKM to evict people from their homes, so it is doing now. There is a kind of illegality, because the law stipulates that when the institutions do not fulfill the activity, then the government can close it. While we see that there is no criterion, but they want to make the researcher part of the part-time academy. Scientific research is in danger" , they said.

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