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The fusion of Albanology, Fuga: No legal arguments! Opinion was required by secret ballot

The fusion of Albanology, Fuga: No legal arguments! Opinion was required by

Academician Artan Fuga has commented on the decision to merge the Academy of Albanological Studies, where he said that the Ministry of Education should have warned with lighter and not drastic measures until the closure.

Fuga, in an interview for Panorama TV, said that this is a political decision, since the VKM was made by the decision of the ministry, and that the latter should have sought an opinion from the leaders of Albanology by secret ballot before deciding on its merger.

" The Minister of Education has the right to request the suspension of the rector for personal responsibility, to dismiss other leaders from office. A group of people risk making an association of friends and the wrong policies continue".

Why this intervention so drastic and without giving any warning?

Correct, this is waiting to see why measures were not taken to suspend the rector if there was a violation. Masses have a womanhood, there is no need for the institution to suffer. The Ministry should have taken measures, but it did not happen. Undoubtedly, it is a political decision as long as the VKM is taken by the ministry. There are some decisions that are political.

It is impossible to take a step such as the demolition of an institution such as Albanological without taking the collective opinion of the senate and the institution, it is impossible because in the law on higher education we have senates. The minister says that there is a list of people who want to merge, these are not the reasons. The ministry should have done a secret, fair and properly managed vote and follow the legal path, the decision to merge was made without legal arguments ," he said.


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