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Silvinho for FIFA: Our dream is to qualify for the World Cup

Silvinho for FIFA: Our dream is to qualify for the World Cup

The coach of the red and black national team, Silvinjo, recently gave an interview to FIFA, where he spoke about Albania's success in the "EURO 2024" qualifiers.

Silvinjo appreciated the great work done by the national players, stressing that dedication to work is the key to success.

Future objectives – “The main objective in the long term, after six months is to develop a decent tournament. The second objective is to advance our plan, return the European tradition and qualify for the World Cup, something that Albania has never achieved. Imagine if we have a great European next year and reach the quarter-finals. It would be amazing, but it wouldn't mean much if we didn't follow up on this success and continue our development. We want to make progress in two directions: to have a decent tournament at Euro 2024 and then to have the support of the country, the AFL and the players so that we can do well in the World Cup qualifiers and play regularly in these competitions.

The dream of qualifying for the World Cup – The dream is there, no doubt about it. It only depends on the support we get for the work we do, from the country, the Federation, the technical staff and the large group of players we are monitoring. All together increase the chances that Albania will one day play regularly in the World Cup and the European Championship.

Morocco as an example for Albania - Of course, we will not go 'crazy' studying what England, Spain, France, Germany or Portugal do, because they are always contenders. We are looking at teams that we can emulate and, yes, it makes a lot of sense, Morocco is a benchmark for us.

One of the best defenses in the European qualifiers – “It's all about commitment in training. For more than 10 years, teams have been defending with 10 players. The best defense is the system itself. You can have three fantastic centre-backs and the best goalkeeper in the world, but if you are not committed to the job then you will concede goals. Nobody defends with four or five against five or six. Forwards are faster, more creative and more intelligent in the attacking zone and it's all about dedication to the job.


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