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Rama's withdrawal from the increase in energy prices, Preçi for Politiko: He would be voted against in the 2023 elections

Rama's withdrawal from the increase in energy prices, Preçi for
Zef Preci

The Albanian government has withdrawn today from the increase in the price of energy for household consumers.

The news was announced by Prime Minister Edi Rama, who announced that the 800 KW bundle  for all household consumers of electricity will not come into effect tomorrow as it was announced earlier.

Through a video on social networks, Rama clarified that in recent days there has been an improvement in the level in Fierza due to the rain, but also the beginning of the positive approach of family subscribers to save energy, influenced this decision of the government.

Unlike the prime minister, the experts have a different opinion regarding this withdrawal of the 'Rama' government.

The economic expert, Zef Preçi, declares for Politiko.al that the decision to withdraw from the energy price increase has more electoral context.

According to Preç, the implementation of this decision would prevent the Socialist Party from negative effects in the local elections of 2023.

" It was an unexpected decision, somewhat rational, but with an obvious electoral context. That is, this decision for the temporary withdrawal from the increase in the price of electricity for families that spend over 800 KWh per month testifies to the wrong and forced decision-making of ERE and the government itself.

This is because the number of families expected to be affected by this price is estimated to be much higher. Consequently, negative electoral effects would be inevitable.

Growing dissatisfaction with the government could be translated into a vote "against" after a few months. In this way, government propaganda will sell the temporary (I wish it was permanent) and non-transparent withdrawal of Mr. Rama as her mercy for the citizens in the conditions of the current crisis" , says Preçi.

On the other hand, according to the expert, the violation of the institutional role of ERE is irreversible.

"It proved to be a politically usable instrument", Preçi declares for Politiko.al.

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