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Not winning first place as "Miss", the contestant's husband goes on stage and 'destroys' the crown

Not winning first place as "Miss", the contestant's husband goes

A beauty pageant was disrupted at the weekend when an angry man stormed the stage and knocked the winner's crown to the ground. The Brazilian Miss Gay Mato Grosso 2023 pageant, included in the 'LGBTQIAP+' category, was halted on Saturday by a riot of spectators as soon as contestant Emannuelly Belini was declared the winner.

A few moments before the drama began, Emannuelly, representing the municipality of Várzea Grande, stood on stage holding hands with Nathally Becker, representative of Cuiabá, as they waited for the announcement of the winner. Emannuelly was consequently named the winner and put her hands to her face in emotion, but just as she was about to receive her crown, an enraged man stormed onto the stage and grabbed the crown, slamming it to the ground. The man has not been publicly identified but local network Globo said he was the boyfriend of runner-up Nathally. Angry that his partner didn't win the crown, he picked her up again from the ground and smashed her to pieces. Nathally, who stood frozen in shock, was then called backstage by her husband, who was then restrained by security. The media said that the beauty pageant had been 'very competitive', especially between the last two finalists. In a statement issued by the organizer Malone Haenisch, it is said that the man thought that the result was not fair and therefore caused the damage and the incident.

"We strongly condemn the incident that happened when Miss Várzea Grande was being crowned. This happened when the partner of Miss Cuiabá, who was ranked second, invaded the stage and aggressively destroyed the crown. We confirm the jury's decision and sympathize with Miss chosen, as with Becker, as it is not responsible for the conduct of third parties."

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