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The USA strongly condemns the attack on the Kosovo Police

The USA strongly condemns the attack on the Kosovo Police

The American ambassador in Kosovo, Jeffrey Hovenier, has strongly condemned the "violent and orchestrated" attacks on the Kosovo Police on September 24 in the north.

In these attacks, an official of the Kosovo Police was killed and two others were injured.

"The Kosovo Police has full legitimacy to guarantee the rule of law, in accordance with the Constitution and the laws of Kosovo. We accept and respect its role as the first response to emergencies and crisis situations", said Ambassador Hovenier.

Commenting on the murder in the north, he said that the perpetrators of these crimes must be held accountable and face justice.

The place where the murder is believed to have taken place:

Hovenier also said that he appreciates the ongoing coordination between the Kosovo Police, the NATO mission in Kosovo, KFOR and the European Union Rule of Law Mission, EULEX.

He expressed his condolences to the family of the dead policeman, while speedy recovery to the two injured.

The authorities in Kosovo have blamed Serbia for committing the murder.

Tensions in the north of Kosovo have been high since May, when the residents of municipalities with a Serbian majority in the north did not accept the new Albanian mayors, who emerged from the elections that they themselves boycotted.

The situation has, on occasion, escalated into violence.

The international community has asked Kosovo to coordinate on the next steps and work towards de-escalation of the situation./ REL

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